One of the most common reasons people give for not exercising is they don’t have time. While most people are indeed busy with work and family responsibilities the reality is that even the busiest of people has time slots each week they could allocate to exercise if they chose to.

For those who find they’re short of time there’s a simple solution: aim to exercise at the arranged times but plan to exercise for only 20 minutes. Why? Because the challenge is usually to begin a session, not finish it. Once someone has completed 20 minutes they usually continue to complete a longer session as they’re ‘’already doing it so might as well carry on’’. You’re essentially tricking yourself but it’s surprisingly effective.

The cliché ‘’something is better than nothing’’ is always appropriate when discussing exercise so never feel a short session is pointless. There’s also the psychological benefits of exercise which are regularly overlooked: a 30 minute jog after a stressful day at work is invaluable and will ultimately make you more productive at work and happier at home.


The key aims for an effective exercise regimen are consistency and frequency. Completing shorter, regular sessions is more effective than longer, infrequent sessions.