Endurance Sport Personal Coaching

For competitive athletes looking to improve their performance we provide a range of services to help maximise sporting potential.

Numerous people have been coached to achieve their goals during the last 15 years with considerable success – from novices completing their first Parkrun to experienced triathletes improving their Ironman performance. All coaching plans are bespoke and designed around each individual’s requirements and personal circumstances.

swim technique

Swimming 1-2-1 Technique Analysis

  • Swimming is the Achilles heel for many triathletes and can be an endless source of frustration despite numerous hours in the pool.
  • Advice can be contradictory with people often spending considerable time working on various aspects of their stroke without understanding the fundamental principles of effective swimming technique.
  • We can provide 1-2-1 technique video analysis to focus on the fundamental causes of ineffective stroke. Faults are highlighted so the necessary corrections can be introduced to improve technique and efficiency.
  • As well as being multiple Kona finishers our swim coaches are highly experienced club coaches. If your swimming is letting you down we can help.
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SAQ Personal Coaching

  • Speed, agility and quickness (SAQ) is an essential consideration for anyone competing in multi-directional team sports. Chris Clarke Personal Training offers 1-2-1 SAQ sessions to develop skills with a wide range of progressive drills and techniques.
  • Sessions are held outside and training is specific to your chosen sport. Athletes from various sports including football, hockey and rugby have all benefited from SAQ training with Chris Clarke Personal Training. We’re also able to train groups so please contact Chris Clarke Personal Training to discuss your requirements.
performance coaching didsbury

Performance Coaching

  • Chris Clarke Personal Training coaches have over 30 years of competitive experience in endurance sports between them, having completed multiple ultramarathons and Ironman events including the Hawaii Ironman World Championship six times.
  • Chris Clarke Personal Training coaches have a wealth of qualifications and competitive experience in a variety of sports. Whether you’re a triathlete training for Ironman or a footballer wanting to improve speed and agility Chris Clarke Personal Training has a coach who can help.

Strength & Conditioning

  • If you’re looking to increase strength for improved sport-specific performance or injury prevention strength and conditioning (S&C) sessions could be a valuable addition to your training.
  • S&C training can only be effective if all four of the following principles are realised:
  • Appropriate exercises are chosen
  • Correct technique is used
  • Resistance is appropriate
  • Training is progressive
  • Chris Clarke Personal Training can design you a safe and effective, sport-specific S&C program to help you realise your sporting potential.